The Only 5 Shoes You’ll Ever Need To Take On Vacation


The sun is out, the BBQs are warming up, summer is officially here.

And you know what that means?

Time for the annual ritual of sitting on your suitcase until it shuts! Or breaks, whichever comes first…

I don’t know about you but I’m a serial over-packer. I can never seem to decide between which outfits to take on vacation. So of course I have to pack both.

But here’s the thing. Through a great deal of trial and error I’ve discovered a golden 5 pairs of shoes that will see you through any vacation.

So don’t start packing your suitcase until you’ve read this guide. It’ll save you so much space for more dresses. (Hey, I did tell you I was an over-packer!)


1 – Sneakers

A stylish pair of sneakers are one of the most versatile pair of vacation shoes you can pack.

These babies will keep your feet cool and comfy on those long sight-seeing trips and are ideal if you want to try out some of the fancy gym and sports facilities that your hotel has to offer.

I always keep it simple with sneakers – take a pair in a singular color such as black, white or grey so that they will complement as many of your outfits as possible. Here are three pairs of stylish yet comfortable sneakers that are ideal for taking on vacation:

Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer in Black ($20.99)


Mxson Ultralight Breathable Mesh Sneakers in Grey ($33.99)



Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Two Sneaker in White ($52.44)


2 – Sandals

Where would we be without sandals? They’re another ideal sightseeing shoe, just with a bit more glitz and glamour.

Sandals enable you to take in the sights in comfort and look stylish whilst you’re doing it. You can dress them up with a summery dress or keep it casual with shorts or jeans to suit any occasion.

My advice is to pick a pair with a low heel and plenty of support in the sole so that there is a bit of a buffer between you and the ground. Take it from someone who spent all day walking along cobbled streets in flimsy sandals! Not pretty…

Once again, here are three pairs of sandals that will make sure you stay super stylish both at home and abroad:

VFD Bohemian Glitter Slip-On Sandals in Blue ($18.99)

Ollio Strappy Zip Closure Sandal in Black ($27.99)


Meeshine T-Strap Gladiator Sandals in White ($24.99)


3 – Flip Flops

Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, cruise trip or spa break, a trusty pair of flip flops are a must. These simple yet incredibly versatile shoes are ideal for hitting the beach because you can quickly and easily wash them off to avoid the dreaded sand-filled suitcase.

Similarly, if you’ve booked an all-inclusive vacation then a pair of flip-flops are great for wandering from your sun lounger to the pool, bar, buffet, spa treatments or back to your room. Here are three pairs of flip-flops that will see you through any vacation:

Edison Tuttle Butterfly Flip Flops in  Blue ($15.51)



Havainas Slim Flip Flop in Coral ($26.00)


Skechers Upgrades Memory Foam Flip Flops ($34.20)


4 – Heels

Evenings out are some of my favorite aspects of going on vacation. Discovering new restaurants and bars. Experiencing the local cuisine. Sitting in the plaza with a glass of wine and then dancing the night away. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Of course, you want to feel fancy during these evenings out and I don’t need to tell you that a pair of heels can create instant wow factor.

But which heels to take?

You have two options – pick a statement heel and then wear a neutral outfit with matching accessories or stick with a neutral pair of heels that will compliment any item in your vacation wardrobe.

I personally pick a pair of heels in a neutral color but which have a few embellishments to liven them up. Here are some of my top picks for essential vacation heels:

Dream Pairs Valentines Lace Pumps in Black ($29.99)



Christian Siriano Lily Asymmetrical Pump in Silver ($15.00)


Mostrin Vintage Bowtie Platform Pumps in Red ($29.99)



5 – Activity Shoes

Going on vacation offers some fantastic opportunities for trying new experiences and discovering your new favorite pastimes.

So don’t let your shoes stop you from enjoying yourself!

Many people will simply pack sneakers and regard these as their ‘activity shoes’. Take it from my own previous experiences – hiking and normal sneakers do not mix.

Investing in a pair of purpose built walking or hiking shoes will enable you to jump right in and try all of those activities that they rave about in the brochure.

Plus the added cushioning and support means your feet will still look fantastic when you step out in heels in the evening!

Top Tip : Always try out your activity shoes several times before taking them on vacation. And pack plenty of socks (both thick and thin) for some extra support.

Here are three pairs of activity shoes that will help you conquer any outdoor activity:



Ryka Sky Walking Shoe in Blue/Grey ($48.71)


Camel Crown Lightweight Skid-Proof Trail Trekking Shoe in Purple/Blue ($44.99)


Mountbeyond Waterproof Breathable Hiking Shoes in Black/Pink ($57.99)


Happy trails!

Do you agree with my 5 essential vacation shoes? Are there any contenders that you think deserve a spot on the list? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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